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Driving Instructions

One-on-one on-road instructions given daily from 7:00 a.m. until 9:00 p.m. Free door-to-door pick up service. Late model dual controlled vehicles used for instructions. Learn our 'Parking Made Easy Methods.' Simulated Road Test Available: Enhance your chances of passing the road test! Special classes for the nervous and elderly. All students treated equally. We provide informative instructions each session.

Learner Permit Service

Take advantage of our Learner’s Permit Service and get your permit the easy way! Review materials will be personally delivered to your doorsteps. Reviewers consist of a compilation of all the tests given by the Department of Motor Vehicles (120 questions, 20 of which will be in your tests). The packet also comes with a New York State Driver’s Manual, DMV application form and guidelines on your licensing procedure. A minimal deposit, which is applicable towards any of our complete packages, will be required upon delivery.

Driving Improvement Programs

Be a safer and confident driver! Enhance, refresh and brush up your skills. Be a defensive driver on the road. Learn to manage time, space, and intersection interaction. Drive through any bridge, tunnel, or highway. Improve your lane-changing skills. Learn how to merge onto and exit highways. Learn how to manage driving in adverse conditions.

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